Micro-Vu Vertex Automated Precision Measurement System

We are able to obtain high speed and high accuracy measurements using this system. This machine can both color/monochrome images using a highly sensitive camera that has a 36:1 zoom range.  The lighting angle ranges from 25 to 90 degrees and the LEDs have about a 10,000-hour lifespan. The machine is equipped with a touch probe, distance sensor, a rotary indexer, and InSpec Metrology Software. These allow for a variety of samples to be scanned and measured.  


More details can be found on the Mirco-Vu site.

ADMET eXpert 7600

This single-column testing machine is capable of performing tension, compression, flexure, and peel/adhesion tests. The unit is capable of exerting a force up to 5 kN. The machine is ideal for testing high elongation materials since it is one of the industry’s largest vertical testing machines. ADMET also offers a wide range of grips, fixtures, load cells, extensometers, and heating/cooling systems. Modification of the stroke, speed, and torsion actuators for biaxial tests can be accommodated by ADMET as well.


More details can be found on the Admet site.

Engineering for Life 3D Bioprinter

This 3D printer is capable of printing soft materials. The printer is pneumatically operated and has a cooling bed.

Anton Paar Modular Compact Rheometer MCR 92

This rheometer is equipped with a highly accurate air-bearing motor for testing sensitive samples and can measure in both rotation and oscillation modes. The machine can test solids or low-viscosity liquids across a wide viscosity range. There is a motor that lifts up the measuring head automatically to a set measuring gap. The machine has a temperature device to cover a range from -40 °C up to 400 °C. the air-bearing-supported synchronous EC motor deploys a frictionless synchronous movement of the rotor inside that enables the most sensitive and therefore most precise movements. 


More details can be found on the Anton Paar site.